Thursday, 6 October 2016

Float fishing for barbel.

I'm still at it, fishing the Trent for barbel, the fish are proving elusive however! I've had several trips armed with 4 pints of maggots, and pints of hemp each time, but apart from some nice roach and perch, the barbel have beaten me. I'm convinced it only matter of time, as the 'two rod in the air' boys are struggling too.

The fish in this part of the river are very mobile, and can turn up any place. Many more experienced trotting anglers tell me it's just a matter of time, and I'm doing the right thing. Feed on a regular basis making the barbel have it. Feed plenty, 6 pints of maggots and hemp, it's expensive fishing several times a week. There is an alternative I think and it's this..

One chap told me he feeds hemp, but instead of maggots he uses tiny pieces of luncheon meat, and the odd pellet. It has to be worth a try, as I only want one bite to get me going. Sweetcorn could be another cheaper alternative? I'm told the key is consistency of feeding something every cast, even if it's only 10 pieces of hemp, and 3 tiny cubes of meat. Next trip out I'm giving this a try, what can I lose?

The water is still amazingly clear still, and to date early October, we have had no appreciable amount of rain. The water is well fished, the barbel well feed, many of today's baits stay in tact for days so the barbel can feed anytime on day old baits. I'm guessing these wise fish know your about, no matter how quite you are.

I've found another nice long trotting video you may like, enjoy.

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