Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Don't forget your net.

 I love all wildlife even when the pack your boots asking for more!
 My once preferred way of fishing for barbel. But not anymore!

 Another very nice day trotting on the river Trent. (Despite having to go back home to fetch my landing net.) Two barbel one just under 10lb, the other around 8lb. Both fell to a speci waggler in a swim of 7' deep. Both incredible fun on the float rod and pin. Feeding hemp and maggots for the best part of 5 hours paid off. I'm sure a big bag of fish is on the cards if I can just get the right swim and conditions. We need some decent rain, as the river is still painfully clear.

 All fish regardless of size bring joy when trotting with a centrepin.

 See you on the bank.

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