Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Success at last.

The difference between success and failure is such a thin line, in this case minutes.

I arrived at the fancied swim at 11.30am. With advice new in my mind from a discussion on the Barbel forum, I switched from a stick float to a Harrell speci waggler, and bait dropper-ed  six large droppers of hemp and maggots, along with a few pellet, and small pieces of luncheon meat. Maybe total two pints.

From mid-day to 3.30pm nothing, not even a small roach or perch and it was now raining. I was just moments from packing up in truth, I never use a brolly on the Trent as they are so difficult to set up. I took a tea from the flask, and decided on one last cast. In fifty years of fishing, the last cast has never brought me a fish, but today the float disappeared.

The big fish moved out into the middle of the river, where the current was at it's strongest. Then it simply hung their. The new rod performed wonderfully, and at no time did I feel outgunned, but I did take my time, I simply could not bully this fish it was so strong. After maybe five minutes a stunning, thick beautiful barbel was in my large oval net. 11.lb 7oz was followed up with a 8.lb+ fish, then I lost one that left a large scale on the 14s spade hook, maybe fouled hooked.

 My first long trotted Barbel from the River Trent.

After six blanks doing almost the same thing, a subtle change of float brought success. I'm pleased I have stick-ability in my character. I'm not a great thinker even though I do experiment, but sometimes you need a little help and advice? Thanks guy's.

See you on the bank.

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