Thursday, 22 September 2016

Sticking with it.

I'm simply loving fishing with a floats again, it's how it all began for most of us. I'm sure EBay would sell less nearly new fishing tackle if more anglers returned to their roots. Baiting and waiting (trapping) is a form of fishing I've done many times over the years, but mostly I've been a stalking hunter. Roving on a river with just a fly rod after wild trout, or with a light Avon rod after chub, roach, and barbel.
I'm guessing many new folk coming to our sport now start as trappers. Laying out a table and waiting for fish to feed, for me this style has too many downsides. One is the amount of gear you normally take with you, some now take up to five rods, three to fish with, one to bait with, and one to take the contours. That requires the same amount of reels, and accessories! No wonder you need a barrow to move it all on.
This fishing style is the style most people also fall away from quickly because it requires little skill, compared to being a hunter, and in many ways, deters you from learning. If the fish are not there, or you've picked the wrong area, your stuffed. If this happens often enough, you become very despondent, and end up selling all the gear you've accumulated for a fraction on the price you paid for it. It's gear you really believed you needed to catch fish at the time. It's very sad because had you had the right advice or experience when you first started, the financial loss would not have occurred. I've had some amazing bargains on EBay, but always feel sad when I see whole sets of gear being sold. It seems the carp scene suffers the most from this.

The best advice anyone can give a potential fisherman is to start float fishing, both on stillwater and rivers. ┼┤hen float fishing you learn so much about the water. As time goes by, learn some hunting skills, in other words finding your quarry. All you need to start hunting is a simple match rod, maybe a slightly stepped up one. A reel, some floats, weights, net and a decent seat, be it a box type or one with a back on if your my age. This set up will allow you to fish various places learning watercraft, watercraft is the skill that keeps you from selling your gear, and buying a set of golf clubs.

Over time you should find a style of fishing that suits you, it could be the competitive style of match fishing, or tying to single out bigger fish of various species, once called specimen hunting. Time will be a big factor in what ever style you choose. If you specialise in carp fishing, bare in mind it can be very time consuming. If your new to it, you could find that even with all the best gear, and bait, it's just not worth the return, hence EBay sales mentioned above.

Fishing the stick gloat is new to me. I've done simple trotting, but not with ultra fine tackle, and stick floats. Fortunately, it looks like I've found one that can give me the help I need. I'll feedback how we get on, warts, and all.

See you in the bank.

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