Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Attacking the Trent with pellets.

I'm trying a method used successfully by Dave Harrell in the Wye, trotting with pellets. I've failed spectacularly, landing only a handful of small roach, when big chub and barbel were what I wanted.

It's a much simpler method than hemp, and caster, requires less preparation, and is much cleaner in  handling. Possibly the Trent is just to clear at present, and it's why I struggled. Or maybe I have to concede the fish are not interested, I'm not that good at it. I doubt the latter as I did catch roach?

Speaking to other anglers however, I'm not alone at the moment in finding fish hard to come by on the river.  The standard two rod in the air guys are not catching much, and I'm guessing the heavy gear in such clear water stands out. But few change anything even when not catching. One angler I spoke to having 13 blanks in a row, fishing the same tactic every time. It's not his fault entirely as some success, with one method can result in that method being used as your mainstay.

This style, two rod set up, pva bag and pellets does catch fish. And these guys feel no need to change anything. So it becomes a 'self for-filling prophecy', and they don't experiment. Not all, but most fish this style as they feel it offers the best option. A match angler, fishing the same swim would try different things, as I'm doing at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I come from the two rod pointed skywards school, and I've taken many good barbel doing it. But when I had the 'Road to Damascus' moment it all changed.

I simply want to go fishing, and catch a few, thirteen blanks would do my head in, as they say now days. I'm still wanting to target those better fish, but not at any price. Hence why yesterday I found myself with a kilo or two of pellets trotting with both waggler, and stick float. Dave used a big waggler and had complete control of his presentation, I felt a little out of my comfort zone, but felt I could master it with practice.

But will it work on the Trent? Well we will see!

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