Saturday, 3 September 2016

Excellent tippet, at a fraction of the price.

I thought I'd pass on a nice little recommendation for leader and tippet material. Nylon for fly fishing is simply extravagant due to being grossly over-priced. For a long time coarse anglers, and some fly fisherman have used plain nylon co-polymer in the high tech (pr-stretched) form. Drennan double strength was the first of this kind of nylon I believe. Giving thinner diameter with decent line strength.

I've used Preston Innovation Reflo power line for almost a decade and also Stroft gym co-polymer. Both excellent, and well priced compared to fly fishing line. With both you get 100 meters rather than 30 or 50 with fly tippet. However I'm always looking and prepared to try new stuff if I think it works, or is better.

So I stumbled upon a new line (to me) Shakespeare Mach XT a pr-stretched co-polymer at an amazing price, for such a high quality line. It's very thin, supple and most important very strong. It's clear too, not white like some 'clear lines' are advertised at. No this is proper clear, and supple. It's not say to kink, and made in Japan. The price is just £3.99 for 100 meters. The line reminds me of Frogs a Hair tippet you can buy at £4.99 for 30 meters. That's £15 for the same amount of line with the same specs?

When trotting for chub and barbel on the Trent, I use .22 as main line, and .16 as hook link. That equates to 9.5 lb and 7 lb. amazing.

For fly fishing the .16 and below have huge potential for tippet. If you tie your own leaders, well the options are endless, and cheap. Give it a go.

See you on the bank.

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