Monday, 29 August 2016

Ice cold in Lincolnshire.

How many of you will know the film 'Ice cold in Alex' starring John Mills, will depend on your age I guess?  It's about a army crew in the second world war working a Red Cross truck across a desert, hiding from the Germans, while having one spy, in their group. Anyway right at the end of the movie they walk in a bar and each have a cold beer, you can almost taste it, the acting is so good.

The other day I had a desire to walk and fish on my local river. Not on the trout beats but further down where chub, roach and bream are most likely to be caught. I fished light and did a lot of walking, but really didn't realise just how hot it was. I was wearing waders just to give me better access, but could easy have waded wet, the water was that warm.

After a few hours the heat got to me, and I started feeling odd, I knew it was dehydration, and made it back to the car just in time. My long sleeve cotton shirt I wear for sun protection was so wet, I could wring it out. My trousers, pants and socks were just the same. I drank two liters of water right away, and once home another two, by then I was feeling better. But it made me think just how as you get older you have to take better care of yourself. So to all my fellow bloggers, take care and take plenty of liquid with you.

The actual fishing was a bit of a damp squid, with recent rain was bringing down weed and crap. I did manage one chub about 3 lb on rolled meat (left over from the Trent trip) I did find a few barbel too, a fish that was much more common ten years ago on this little river, but it seems a few are just hanging on in the lower beats as well as in the town beat.

Out again on the Trent next week, meeting up with another fellow blogger and friend.

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