Thursday, 25 August 2016

The River Trent.

My first trip to the river coincided with rain, and plenty of it. To be honest we need rain, it's been a very dry summer. The river was low, as I dropped into a nice piece of slack water I feel should hold some good chub. It runs for about 150 meters on a gradual bend, in high water it's full of fish I'd imagine, but today it was just little perch that pounced on my worms every cast. I really hate umbrellas as can never set them up in a way they keep me dry, but allow free movement to fish. Today the brolly remained at home, so the new two piece Daiwa suit was donned, and I remained dry. But everything else got drenched.

 The Trent is a big river, and needs care and attention.

I discover the newly made cheese paste was too soft, flying off the hook each cast. Once home I'll have to thicken it up with some liquidized bread, that should do the trick. Cheese paste is something that appeals to big roach, as well as chub. In fact my first 'Two' came on paste one night in the early 70s when I fished the little river Eye in Leicestershire. The bridge swim was known to throw up the odd two pound fish when the river was in flood, so I was not surprised with the 2lb 8oz fish I weighed that dark December night. In those days before digital pictures, you had to deal with a flash, and pray the shot would come out, it did thankfully.

 Over 4lb the current UK roach record. Caught in Northern Ireland.

That fish turned me into a Roach fanatic, moving  me to Norfolk in a time big roach were common on the Wensum. One night on the upper river at Bintree I took two big fish 2lb 15oz and 2lb 12oz along with a 2lb 6oz fish and a 2lb 2oz. That season and for several after, bags of such fish were not uncommon. Now I think your more likely to catch such fish from Norfolk still-waters, than its once famous roach river. Being noted now for its barbel, and chub the Wensum is private in many places I told and access more difficult than it once was!

As the day came to a close I headed for home, for dinner and a hot drink. I thought at the time it may pay to pack the umbrella and flask for coming trips?

See you on the bank.

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