Thursday, 18 August 2016

Enough of a good thing?

Its been a glorious few weeks fishing the commercial carp circuit, but how many easy carp do you want to catch? I'm sated and have had enough of this type of fishing. Carp to over 19lb with back up fish of 18lb common, 18lb mirror, 16lb and a dozen other doubles have been an enjoyable summer break. But now I fancy another kind of challenge, a big mid-summer tench, and an Autumn big chub.

Best of the bunch 19lb mirror 2016 Hallcroft..

The water in question for the tench is a very difficult one, noted for its big carp most of the better tench are caught by the carp guys, 9lb in spawn being the best I've heard of. But they are thin on the ground, so your more likely to catch a rouge carp than a big tench. Also the tench weights are down on June as they have obviously all spawned. On the plus side the lake is near home, very quite and scenic.

At this time of year, a little and often baiting approach is what I'll go for and see how it goes, fishing for just one bite at a time. If I'm lucky enough to catch a tench on each trip, I'll feel very satisfied. So from now on until it get cold, that's what I'll be doing.

 I'm several trips into the tench fishing, and nothing. I feel I may have bitten off more than I can chew. The margins are very clear, and mostly deep, and apart from spawning time, I'm yet to see a big fish in the margins. Maybe they are about very early morning, but with a night fishing ban, and me not so good at getting up before 7am, I'm missing them perhaps? I guess as the weather turns colder, I may see some up close, but it also means times running out to.

My local river Trent is producing some very nice chub thank you. It seems 6lb fish are fairly common, and sevens are a possibility for those setting out their stalls for them. Most are being caught on very heavy gear designed to land double figure barbel, so I'm wondering what a very scaled down approach would produce. So if the tench don't provide sport, I'll be fishing the Trent with chub in mind. Lighter quiver rods, six pound line, bread, worms, maggots and 10mm boilies. I've not had a six for many years, in fact the last one was on a mayfly fly-fishing. That would be a great start!

See you on the bank.

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