Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Success snatched from failure.

Little to say about my last trip to Hallcroft. I failed to get to grip with the second biggest lake, apart from my biggest fish of the season, a creditable 18lb mirror.

Everything I tried just didn't work well, even though I lost two other decent fish during a long frustrating day. A match forced me onto the smaller lake and I think that put some doubt in my mind sadly.

 16lb mirror from Hallcroft 2016.

 2lb goldfish.
Back on Portland again, and a real bumper day on the method feeder. Casting to the main island I took over 40 fish in just 4 hours. Nothing big, maybe 6lb being the biggest. Well over a 100lb in weight, my biggest haul of carp ever. Only holiday trips to Ireland in my early years surpassed such an amazing day. I did wonder about the fish size, and how the bigger fish don't seem to come out on this method. Maybe I'll have to try for the better fish with a single bait approach maybe?

I was lucky to see the potential of this lake on this last trip. The weather got onto the 30s and the whole carp population of the lake seemed to be on the surface. It was an amazing sight, hundreds of fish, some, many doubles. More than I suspected, or imagined.

See you on the bank.

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