Thursday, 26 January 2017

Time and space and another nice chub.

My other hobbie, indoor bowls has kept me busy the last week or so. A bunch of matches after Christmas had to be placed. I enjoy bowls, but during spells of high pressure I can't help but wonder what those barbel are doing? Next week I do finally have some 'space' in the diary, thank heavens.

I plan to do a bit of float making next winter, in place of my flytying that I no longer do, as I have stopped game fishing.  my other blog is effectively closed for the time being, but does have plenty of information still available. I'm getting inspiration from float maker George Lockhart at Amazing I'm sure you agree.
I need to buy a mini wood lathe, and find some spot in the conservatory her indoors won't complain at!

So Thursday I'm fishing, I should have a few days next week with any luck too!  I'll be back on the little river again, unless the Trent is up and it's mild. We'll see, sadly the recent forecast is for freezing cold and possibly snow. I don't mind fishing in the snow but not the driving too and from the river part.


The little river did not disappoint with another good fish over taken laying on with an Avon float in the margins. My float was no more than two yards downstream from my rod tip.. My second 'Five' in two trips. I really feel the river could turn up a 'Six' if luck stays with me and the weather turns mild, and the river stays coloured. Bread flake still reigns supreme, baiting with mashed bread, hemp, and luncheon meat right under my feet. 6.oz laying on with a Cork and Goose quill float.

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