Monday, 19 December 2016

Popping down the river.

I'm not really fishing at the moment. I expect most of you that fish will understand what I'm trying to say. I need to get my fishing head on, have a project, objective to get me motivated. I have so much gear too, sorting it out for various species can be a right pain in the ass. I'm trying to get my tackle down to a manageable level, so I can see everything at a glance.

I've sorted out some light small rods, and intend to visit my local river rolling meat for chub, barbel. I'll have some bread too, just in case. Mash a little bread, re bait a few swims and see who we go?

Monday. Mid December.

Still bloody cold, but the river had some colour on my arrival and I doubted the rolling meat method would work due to lack of clarity. However, I gave it a go for a few hours and ended up with a nice chub or two that put a bend in the little Nash Scope. I'm sure this meat rolling has a lot of mileage and if I can get away toward the end of the week, the river should be perfect. It's surprising how little weight I really needed, just a swan shot in most of the swims. This piece of the upper river is very engaging with bends and pool very few hundred yards. Today trotting with meat or bread would have been better maybe, it's all about matching methods to conditions. A float would have given me more option like laying on, and better bite indication. The rolling meat style would work with a fluorescent   line, and six foot of clear leader, allowing one to see the line more clearly, also the bites from shy fish.

6' Scope rolled meat.

I pack up well before dusk as it was getting cold at 3pm. It was home for a warm and welcome cuppa.

See you on the bank.

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