Thursday, 24 November 2016

Daiwa Spectron float rod 13/16' review.

Ive had this rod for a few months now, and my initial impression is very favourable. In fact I'd go as far to say it's an idea barbel float rod.

I brought this rod for a specific task. Allowing me to fish for big barbel on the river Trent with floats, either sticks, or wagglers. The rod is rated for lines 3lb to 8lb this seems spot on. I have been using 6lb main line ( Daiwa sensor ) the line breaks over 6lb around 8lb I'm told. The leader is a Power line rated for just 6lb. Connected with a small swivel I've found it always breaks at the power line knot, so I'm safe if a fish snags me.

So what's so good about this rod. Well first it screams quality, from the handle and reel seat, to the rings and extra section to make a longer rod. At 16' you would not know its 4 piece, the progressive power runs right through the blank into the blanks cork handle. I worried the first time I hooked a big barbel, but the rod simply controlled the fish and allowed me to manage a good double figure fish into the net.

It's a light rod, but not as light as another 4 piece 16' I own. But the blank quality is much higher on the Daiwa. Quality means better carbon/graphite stronger walls, hence the slight extra weight! But it's not over heavy when teamed with a four and half inch centrepin. It's a rod that promotes comments from other anglers, it's that or the pin that freaks them out?

Bargains can be found on EBay. I got this rod with 40% off. It was new, but had no rod bag, and was classed as a demo model. At £240 are they worth it, yes every penny, it's such a versatile rod. At 13' it's an ideal pellet waggler for for bigger venues for carp.  At full length it's the perfect barbel float rod. All in all a rod I'll keep for the long term as I know I couldn't buy better.

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