Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My Dipping Float.

This is my new blog, welcome. 

You can still access my old blog. But for the time being I've stopped fly fishing due to 'old bones' being unable to get around the very steep banks, and I'm sitting down more fishing old style, with a float. I'm loving it to be honest.

Summer What Summer.

Ive been fishing some local coarse/carp venues, often called 'commercials' waters. The ones I've been to have really opened my eyes. Both in how attractive they can be, but also just how easy it is to catch fish. 
I'm from a wild fish background, rivers lakes and pits where naturalized fish breed, but mostly in very low numbers. There is a simple truism, that if you don't catch you cannot improve, if you cannot catch you don't know what your doing wrong. When your catching lots of fish, your able to 'practice' to see if you can improve your catch rate, hope that makes sense, it does to me. So I'm having a massive but enjoyable learning curve, something in over 40 years of fishing has been often hard learnt.

In my neck of the woods we've had a massive amount of rain. So much so that a planned trip to the local river Trent was postponed. Instead I've been fishing some small local lakes, and catching some amazing fish, mostly carp. 

 Two nice carp that fell to 'Bomb' tactics after failure with a method feeder.

I've sold a ton of gear on E-Bay and re-brought some much lighter tackle designed for this type of fishing, match style tackle you could call it. In the coming weeks I'll feedback with some reviews of both tackle and venues I'm fishing.

Please follow and give me the support you've given in the past. I'll try and give you something of interest each post.

See you on the bank.

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